The difference between the original iPhone and iPhone 14 Pro cameras is in a photo

The difference between the original iPhone and iPhone 14 Pro cameras is in a photo

The image that compares the original iPhone camera to the camera of the new iPhone 14 Pro Max reminds us of the great and important technological advances we have witnessed.

Do you remember what the first iPhone was like? If you are a user of this mobile phone since its inception Many memories will come to you with this question.

It’s been several years since the announcement and arrival of this device, and the time when It has been evolving to what we know today.

It is enough to see a photo shared on Reddit in which a file comparison From the cameras the original iPhone had and the cameras the iPhone has now iPhone 14 Pro Max, the model that Apple just launched.

The first iPhone camera

Camera comparison between the original iPhone and the new iPhone 14 Pro Max

It was the original iPhone camera 2 megapixels And it has the ability to record video. Currently, the iPhone 14 Pro Max has a complete camera system:

  • 48 MP wide angle
  • 12 megapixel ultra wide angle
  • 12MP 2x telephoto lens
  • 12 MP, 3x telephoto

In addition, it has the ability to Video record Up to 4K resolution at 24fps, 25fps, 30fps, or 60fps, and other tools that allow you to add filters, record in cinema mode, and so on.

It’s quite a difference, isn’t it? It is, but we must not forget that more than ten years must have passed during which Apple has constantly worked to introduce new features that allow Beat every version of iPhone.

And this is how a video from the channel shows it Techniquewhere the original iPhone appears in all its splendor, showing us all the functions and features that it had. Video for tech lovers.

At the time, the original iPhone was also a technological revolution offering functionality even then They were not experienced in the same way. Management to be the beginning of something very big for the company and for the users.

And you, Do you still own your first iPhone?Have you started analyzing and comparing your first iPhone to the one you have now?

There is no doubt that this device is one of the devices that generates the most nostalgia among users, as it was part of the teenage period for many, and for others it was The first approach with the brand.

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