The Google. Massive Failures Today March 23, 2021 in Android Applications


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Google Faces New problems In some apps Male in appearance Today, March 23, 2021. In specialized media and social networks, complaints were visible. Why are some apps crashing? The verdict is presented In the Android System WebView app update, Which has caused problems for users of this OS to access applications like Gmail, amazon shopping, or banking.

Reporting app problems started from last night; However, the problems persist. Some users reported various flaws in different Android apps. That’s why we tell you what we know.

Gmail was specifically one of the affected apps. Specific, Users have reported on platforms like Reddit, Twitter, or DownDetectorThe application either did not open or closed suddenly. It has also affected banking applications and others such as Amazon purchases.

The problem, Google realized, was in updating the WebView for Android, which allows web content to be displayed within apps. To fix it, it recommends updating both the WebView for Android and Chrome through the Play Store.

The networks interact with Google in the event of failure in Gmail and other applications

As expected, social media users used Twitter to file complaints. And that’s since yesterday Google hasn’t been quite so well, having taken a massive downfall. That is why we leave you with the best reactions of Internet users to this new failure.

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