The gymnastics gem never stops shining and now I’ve got Pan American tickets


Photo: Chile’s Ministry of Health announced that a second patient has been infected with the dreaded Delta type of coronavirus, bringing the total number of people infected with this mutation in the national territory to two. President Sebastian Pinera was the first to mention, inaccurately, “two new patients with a delta variant,” which […]

A note shared by the national rhythmic gymnastics team who recently participated in Pan American Junior Championships Made in GuatemalaHe finished fifth with two medals, and secured tickets to the first Junior Pan American Games to be held at the end of the year in CaliAnd the Colombia.

Actor composed of three athletes, led by a talented ace ImagineAnd the Picture of Nicole Torres, which in the short 14-year period has gone on to demonstrate the gifts that it establishes as one of the most important projects of discipline in the entire country.

A performance that was worth contributing Chile Get two singles places for the Youth Continental Competition, plus another team ticket with her teammates Trinidad Urrutia (Valdivia) s Katari Asenjo (Osorno). Historical.

for great things

As a coach and partner in all stages of his artistic growth chirp biobio club areaAnd the Braulio RodriguezHighlight the path he has traveled Nicole to reach your current level.

“Preparation was a very complicated process due to the pandemic and because here in the territory there is no training center for rhythmic gymnastics, where we can have the right conditions and this is 100% available for training. So we are very grateful for that Chiguayante Arabic School, who gave us his own gym some days, and on Concepción Municipality Likewise, he loaned us a small room, as his gym is occupied by the health emergency.”

We also thank Mindep Who issued a decree to transfer us to a school Nicole, The Etchegoyen from Brisas del Sol, which he supported with permits because we had to go to training for a whole week in Executive Director from Santiagoto finish your preparation. The trip was very complicated due to the health aspect, the competition was in bubble mode and we had no contact with anyone other than the organization or the athletes,” he added.

Regarding the tournament, the coach recognized the level of delegations, and highlighted the adaptation of his student. “The competition was very difficult, because other countries had been training for several months, while with Nicole We only started training two months ago. Everything was complicated and the level of the competitors was very high, especially the level of United State s Mexico, who went to compete in Europe. For us this was the first competition since 2019, so we are happy with the goal.”

As for what is to come, DT Confirmed in .’s uploaded calendar Picture of Nicole Torres. “We will try to qualify for more international tournaments, such as Rhythmic Gymnastics in South America which will be held in Colombia, as well as for Bolivarian Games from sugarAnd the Bolivia. And there Junior Pan American games, an event in which these places have already been achieved,” he concluded.

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