The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights expressed concern about the investigation of 31 scientists

In its annual report, the Office of the Special Rapporteur on Economic, Social, Cultural and Environmental Rights of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights expressed its “deep concern” about the investigation by the Office of the Attorney General of the Republic against 31 scientists of the Scientific and Technological Consultative Forum AC

In the chapter on Mexico, in the chapter on education and science, Resa claims to be aware that former members of Conacyt and the Forum Board are accused of organized crime, illicit enrichment and embezzlement in order to “illegally divert resources from consulates on the Forum.” However, it He asserts that the 31 scholars would have made it clear that the transfers were made in accordance with the regulations:

“(v) The Office of the Special Rapporteur notes that the defendants would have made clear that all transfers were made on the basis of applicable regulations as part of the investigations conducted, and provided positive balances in their management,” in the report. In order to “build a pluralistic state,” the rapporteur asserts that “the free exercise of investigation should be guaranteed, with the use of criminal or punitive law as a last resort,” he asserts.

The agency is also concerned about the “persistence of requests for arrest warrants” and that the 31 scientists, including Julia Taguña, Gabriela Dutrinet and Enrique Cabrero, “have not been duly informed of the reasons for their investigation.”

In March, the deadline for a third arrest warrant expired.

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