The Madness or Genius of Using the iPad mini as a Phone: The Possibilities and Limitations


Someone is looking at a screen iPhone 13 Pro Max It is believed that he is still very young. There are those who believe that in a world where the smartphone is becoming increasingly important, we should look for the largest possible screen so that we can use it wherever we are. They are people who do not hesitate Qualifying iPad mini as your new “phone”.

But is it possible to use it iPad mini As a “phablet” itself? It all depends on whether we are accustomed to the conditions imposed by this concept. It’s not easy, but we’re not talking about something specifically impossible.

iPhone hidden and iPad mini in your hand for everything else

The new generation iPad mini seems to be a decent device for anyone who dares to do so. Its frames are now much smaller, the tablet can be held with only one hand for certain things, in an upright position we can type comfortably using both thumbs and its weight is light enough not to get too tired. And At the software level, there’s no need to talk: Imagine owning an iPadOS mobile phone.

These will be the main advantages: unbeatable software, large screen and very good portability of the tablet. But of course there are drawbacks, starting with the absence of the phone as such in the device. The solution for some Hide the iPhone in the corner of the backpack so that it only performs the function of sending calls And SMS to iPad mini thanks to iCloud sync. For all other tasks, the iPad will be the “iPhone Pro Turbo Super Max”.

There are more disadvantages: the iPad camera is good but not the new iPhone 13 Pro camera, you have to think of a bag to be able to carry it comfortably (Forget the pockets), and you have to use a headset if you want to talk to someone undisturbed or undisturbed.

But there are still those who are debating this way of using Apple devices, and dreaming of a future foldable iPhone that can also perform the functions of an 8- or 9-inch tablet. We’ll see it all, but some people’s ingenuity means we might see a part of the future today.

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