The National Basketball Association warns its unvaccinated players that if they leave the country they will not be able to come back

The National Basketball Association (NBA) has released a new guide advising franchisees of requirements affecting unvaccinated players in the United States following new coronavirus restrictions across the country.

According to a note the league sent to teams, unvaccinated players who leave the country will not be able to re-enter if they have a temporary visa to live and work in the United States.

temporary visa

Those who have not been vaccinated and who leave the country will not be able to enter again

This applies, for example, to matches played in Canada, because the trip includes leaving the country even for professional reasons. Additionally, from January 15, unvaccinated players will not be able to travel to Canada because the neighboring United States will ban access to people without a coronavirus vaccination. “All players and staff must be fully vaccinated. They will not be allowed to participate if they are not vaccinated. This new rule is due to start January 15 next year. There will not be a single exception to the rule,” a warning in the note.

To keep the situation in check, the National Basketball Association asked teams for a full list of unvaccinated players for Friday, and the competition ensures that 97% of its players have already been vaccinated, with 60% also receiving a booster shot against them. COVID-19. “There are only a few unvaccinated players left in the league. This still appears to be a huge problem because stars like Bradley Beal will not be able to travel to Toronto,” the note said.

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Fines and penalties

“If a player cannot show evidence of complete vaccination and misses a match in Toronto, he will be subject to a compensation reduction.”

In this sense, the competition also warns that “if a player is unable to show evidence of complete vaccination and misses a game in Toronto, he will be subject to a reduction in compensation and also to a fine, suspension or other action,” according to the NBA teams’ report.

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