The Thai League postpones the start of its matches for two weeks due to “Covid-19”


pandemic COVID-19 It has seriously affected the progress of practically everything in the world and in the world Sports Not saved, as tournaments, tournaments, events and games have been canceled to reduce the risk of further virus infections as more variants spread.

However, despite world-class events such as Tokyo 2020 Olympics If it were to take place, other sports establishments have chosen to stay out and postpone their tracks.

Now a new event has been postponed, as the head of Thai League football, Korawe Brisananantakul Confirm that the match will start Thai League It will be delayed due to the COVID-19 emergency.

COVID-19 postpones Thai Football League

The Thai League postpones the start of its matches for two weeks due to “Covid-19”

The league will start on July 31 before the postponement

On July 31, the match will be held between the Thai teams to open Competition, for about two weeks, and back until August 13, because Thailand Live one of the worst moments of the pandemic.

The coronavirus outbreak in Thailand has been so serious that hospitals are becoming saturated and hotels are being used for patients, leading to an increase in infections and deaths, which is the main reason for the delay in the Thai league.

It is worth noting that before making a decision Thai Ministry of Tourism and Sports The recommendation was launched, and after the meeting that the Ministry of Health will have with the government tomorrow, one of the main suggestions is to limit freedom of movement.

Thailand League 2021 may be delayed further

The Thai League postpones the start of its matches for two weeks due to “Covid-19”

Event officials will ensure 100% security before matches start

And the organization revealed that players will be fully vaccinated before that date, as only half of them have been vaccinated so far, so this may cause the league to be delayed until after August 13.

On the other hand, it was not the only sports federation to postpone its events, since Formula 1 recently canceled the Australian Grand Prix due to restrictions on the COVID-19And, unlike the Thai league, it is not known if it will be restored.

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