The new Office interface is now available in Mexico, so you can upgrade to the new look for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint


Microsoft I fired The new interface for your office suite, OfficeFor everyone. It has been announced last Juneoy was available to some users in a previous version, but now anyone with Windows 10 or higher can enjoy it.

With this update, Office is adopting the . format New design language elaborate design With the now popular toolbar in a sort of floating window, there is also a redesign in some of the buttons and their tones will change from dark to light depending on our configuration in Windows.

To update to this new version only Click the speaker that appears in any Office application in the upper right corner. A menu will be displayed detailing the functions that will soon appear in the application, and at the bottom there is a button to test the “New Experience” allowing the transition to the new interface.

The update is free for any Office user, the only thing needed is that You have Windows version 2110 build 14527.20226 or higher, although some applications may have to be restarted to apply the changes. Of course, Microsoft confirms that if the speaker icon does not appear, the update is not yet available.

This new look of Office is intended to look very similar Windows 11Rounded corner windows and taskbars on one type of card. The good thing is that if the new design does not convince us, we can deactivate it from the same menu button displayed on the speaker.

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