The opposition leader is confronted by the police in Uganda


Police in Uganda confronted the presidential candidate from popular opposition on Thursday Bobby wine During a press conference, Wayne said that officers fired tear gas and bullets when they collided with his car.

Reporters in attendance saw a policeman take Wayne out of the car while he said he was not violating any law.

He said, “They don’t even allow me to stand on the side of the street.” “Please don’t embarrass the country.” In the end, he was allowed to finish his session with the press and leave the site. Wayne spent the day of the campaign, during which he said 23 members of his team had been arrested.

The singer and the leader of the opposition announced that he had requested the International Criminal Court to investigate accusations of torture and other human rights violations in the African country before the elections that will be held next week. The court receives hundreds of these requests from all over the world every year.

Wine, 38 years old, real name Kyagulanyi SsentamuHe sparked the imagination of many in Africa with his campaign to defeat the President Yoweri Museveni Which deployed the army to block what it says are the opposition’s efforts to stir up civil unrest to overthrow it.

Wayne and other opposition figures described Museveni, 76, as a dictator. The singer told reporters that “many atrocities are being committed on Museveni’s orders.”

Government representatives did not immediately comment.

Wayne, who has been arrested several times on various charges but has not been convicted, now says his life is in danger. On his election campaign, he wore a bulletproof vest and helmet.

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