The patents show that PlayStation wants you to use bananas as controllers


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The patent scientist is inquisitive. Sometimes it helps us give us an idea of ​​future products and other times we see things that may never appear, but are always a window into the ideas of corporate designers. We’ve now hit us with a patent that indicates Sony wants that at some point you can use bananas to play Play Station.

Recently Sony Publication of a patent record in which they seek to find an inexpensive alternative to video game controls. The idea is that you can use almost any illuminated object as a control. As an example of a patent, Sony cites mugs, pens, bananas, or oranges.

How will this work? The camera takes pictures of the objects in the player’s hand and records their appearance with pixels, contrast, and colors with some kind of designation. Later, the game will be trained to recognize it as a video game console with various functions.

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Drift-free controls

The patent also indicates that controls can be created using two different objects. This part of the app mentions the possibility of eating two fruits to pretend to be a steering wheel or the jacks that are controlled in the tank.

We remind you that patents often never end with a commercial product. On several occasions, companies simply register these types of patents to protect ideas and prevent other companies from making products with them. In other words: Don’t get excited in the hope that someday you will play God of War With a banana, there is still a long way to go before this concept becomes a reality. Additionally, it is very likely that this technology will be exploited in other ways.

And you, can you imagine something like this happening at some point? Tell us in the comments.

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