The United States, another power eliminated from the World Cup

by EFE

The U-20 female actress was unable to advance to the group stage

Japan and the Netherlands, from Group D, on Wednesday qualified for the quarter-finals of the FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup in Costa Rica 2022 and excluded Ghana and the United States, the latter among the favorites to win the title.

On the final day of Group D, Japan consolidated their leadership with a landslide 1-3 victory over the United States. The Japanese team finished with a total of 9 points in the three matches they played, which shows its solidity in winning the title.

The Japanese Manaka Matsukubo (55) will open the scoring after a serious defensive error, while Shinomi Koyama (67) and Haruna Tabata (84) will give a greater advantage, the opponent will be by Simon Jackson (70).

As a result, Japan left the US team without a chance, and one of the favorites for the title, which took third place in the group with three units.

During the match, the Japanese showed good control of the ball in the middle of the field and their excellent defensive system, which complicated the American defense.

The arrivals from the US were shy, rarely attacked the rival tire and in the times they did arrive, they had little clarity in the final quarter of the field.

The Americans lacked more commitment on the field, and figures like Olivia Moultrie were dwarfed by the Japanese defense.

The US team tried to take a risk at the end of the match when Jackson’s score (70) fell, but it was too late to regain the score.

In the other Group D match, the Dutch team crushed Ghana 4-1 and achieved its goal of qualifying for the World Cup quarter-finals, after finishing second in the region with 6 points.

With two goals from Lise Riesbergen (28 and 65) and two goals from Ziva Henry (51) and Marit Oe (84) from penalty shootouts, the Netherlands concluded the match. Meanwhile, striker Doris Boadua (53 minutes) added the opponent.

The Dutch players understood the urgency of winning, as they could be on points with the United States.

During the first half, Holland struggled to open up spaces. However, after Rijsbergen’s first goal, which came after an error in goalkeeper Cynthia Konlan’s exit, the two teams had more confidence and went to the front to judge the match.

For their part, Ghana did not show their best version, they were very limited in domination and creating scoring options. The Ghanaian team knew it was an official match, as they had no chance of qualifying for the next stage of the tournament.

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