The United States national team will arrive in the country on Sunday for the match against El Salvador


Diego Henriquez, FESFUT Sports Director reported that choosing United State He will arrive in the El Salvadorian capital on Sunday the 29th, five days before the match against El Salvador at the start of the CONCACAF Octagon.

Henríquez also announced that the Honduran national team, El Salvador’s second rival, will arrive in the country on September 3 to face Azul on September 5.

The sports director also presented the details of the meeting of the technical staff of the main football team with the heads of the first-class teams, and at the present time there is no confirmed date for the focus of the selected teams.

Yesterday with the Chiefs of the First Division they had good conversations and a meeting was opened that they will have with the President of FESFUT, Hugo Carrillo, to agree on the day when the players will be able to play.Henriquez explained.

The chiefs have understood this point and are ready to support us and will evaluate it. If players can come on Thursday, Thursday, or on the weekend, we’re ready anyway‘, he confirmed.

Diego Henriquez also announced that Hugo Perez’s squad will consist of 23 players and that they will be announced on Thursday.

“The salary schedule for the three matches, there are 23 players in the three matches and we will have some alternatives in case of injury or positive cases of the Covid-19 virus,” he said.

He also indicated that the armies begin to arrive on Saturday and Sunday. “You will see the players we worked on in the knockout stages, around the Gold Cup and who were not part of Enrico Dueñas but were already under our management. I already have agreements with the teams.”

Some of the players mentioned by Diego Enriquez include Alex Roldan, Amando Moreno and Enrico Dueñas.


Team USA and his personality Pulisic never miss a talk. “The USA is coming on Sunday and we don’t know anything about Pulisic yet, he’ll be something on edge if he’s going to be able to play in the first game.”

With the Steering Committee, we are clear about our goals and objectives“Diego emphasized the round table. On a sporting level, Henriquez said there is already an idea of ​​a match in picking three games out of a tie.

“Everyone knows that we started this project, but our tournament is in 2026 and we know that we will be able to compete in these three days and the matches on our soil are important,” he said.

“We are sure we have a game identity, but there is a lot to improve,” he stressed.

The yearning for rating came amid the conversation. “We cannot leave the classification in the hands of the players only and that the classification depends only on them, for the World Cup classification they do not rank 23, a team, a coaching device, a classification is an ecosystem that includes the national team, the body coach, the players, their league, their leaders and the media.”


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