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Pokemon Myths: Arceus It was one of the hottest advertisements that Nintendo has announced in recent days. The title won’t arrive until 2022, but the search for details and leaks has only just begun. Today we present to you, thanks to our colleagues in Dexerto, allThe alleged leaks discovered so far.

in the first place, The figure shows that although it could be a Stantler or Sawsbuck, the silhouette looks noticeably different. This is all the more apparent when looking at the face of the mysterious creature, which appears to be slightly larger than the face of the deer current Pokemon in the series. We must be alert to see if it is a creature that has not yet been seen.

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On the other hand, switching to an open-world game would make these mechanisms even more important. Unlike the previous titles, it appears that Pokémon Legends: Arceus will give players complete control over their Pokémon. A trainer is shown in the photo below Using his Pokemon to climb in the air, climb a rocky mountain, and even ride through the grassy plains. If true, these leaked photos certainly open up many perspectives when exploring the environment.

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At first glance, the footage appears to indicate that the turn-based combat system will be returning. However, rumors indicate that this is not entirely the case. In fact, One of the leaked images for Pokémon Legends: Arceus claims the battle system will become ATB (Active Time Battle), Which records when a Pokemon attacks or takes an action. This is System similar to what we’ve seen in other games like Final Fantasy, Although this is not certain as long as Game Freak does not provide further details.

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finally, The rumors that Dexerto collects also point to the fact that we can find variations or other developments of classic PokemonUnder the idea that we are facing more extreme environments that make this area completely different from what we have known so far.

For now, we can only wait to find out more details about the title. What do you think of these alleged leaks?


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