These are some of the Xiaomi that will not receive MIUI 13


Yes good, MIUI 12.5.0 update It hasn’t yet started hitting the global ROM, and the rumors are about it MIUI 13 Don’t stop showing up. According to the latest details, this new big update will arrive throughout next summer. Leave as usual some Xiaomi phones without support.

If we remember, a few days ago the rumors started June 25 As a possible date for the introduction of MIUI 13. This will be related to its debut in China, In turn, abandoning certain ranges or series of Xiaomi devices That is already more than two years old.

According to the latest details that come to us from China, which also makes sense to believe, The Xiaomi Mi 9 series, Mi Mix 3, Redmi Note 8 and Redmi 8 will be left without seeing MIUI 13. This will be given through years of ancient times, leaving all previous generations without support.

As we said, This information is far from official., But if only that is quite reliable given Xiaomi’s latest moves. What’s more, All this joins the end of support for some devices that we already saw on April 24th.

In short, it’s still too early to talk about MIUI 13. However Everything indicates if it will be this summer when we see its startIt is a launch that focuses on improving the system, while improving privacy and certain aspects of performance and error handling.

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