Phil Spencer’s secret and Xbox with Nintendo has now appeared with Epic and Apple dispute – Nintenderos


Sure, many of you are aware of the current legal dispute Saga y appleWhich we left yesterday Cool details on Samus Aran skin for Fortnite and more. Well, now we have more news on this topic.

The information comes from a leaked email as a result of this order written by Phil Spencer, the president of Xbox, who indicated that xCloud could reach multiple platforms. sound After he was presenting xCloud Owners of other platforms, likely including Sony and Nintendo, since at least August 2020.

This is Email concerned From Spencer to Tim Sweeney, founder of Epic:

I owe you a lot of things and I’m running late. I apologize for that, a lot happens, but this is not an excuse.

You’ve obviously seen our Samsung ad and now we’ve got a back and forth with Apple. At the highest levels [Microsoft]We are committed to developing these policies and continuing to expand the capabilities of our console platforms. You can step in when you feel comfortable.

But I just wanted to let you know that I am considering xCloud access to other consoles (I haven’t given up), [juegos gratuitos] Abroad [Xbox Gold] (We’ll get to it, I want to share) and our store rights ideas as items I will review with you to progress. I am committed to that.

I hope you are fine

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