These are the 6 great games that are already available today on Xbox Game Pass


Two days ago We were excited about a new batch of nine games for Xbox Game PassBecause today, January 20, we already have six new deliveries available. It is a real gemstone, I recommend you to have a look as it will not disappoint you.

New shipments arriving today Xbox Game Pass For absolutely all tastes, I am sure that no one will remain indifferent. from one of the greats shooters From crafting and starting a classic game right up to a single player game with an isometric view. This is only the beginning, pay attention to everything that has come into service in the last few hours, quite simply brutal.

Now available on Xbox Game Pass

This new version that brings us the first three Hitman is already available as of today on Game Pass. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes 47 Use your invisibility and whatever you can to get the job done.

A new version of the iconic tactical shooter is back, this time reimagined as a co-op action game for three players. Face a deadly virus destroying the city. Below is a preview of the first few hours of gameplay. and here The analysis my colleagues worked on.

  • Deluxe Edition of Rainbow Six Siege

The arrival of the Deluxe Edition of the latest multiplayer version of the aforementioned Rainbow Six. Connecting siege It reaches deluxe mode on PC today.

The sequel to NeoGeo’s classic Windjammers is back with great fanfare. A long-awaited sequel for most fans and we can now enjoy it at no additional cost thanks to Xbox Game Pass. Get those stadiums ready, It’s time to play.

I don’t know if many of you will know, but we are facing one of the best games of 2021. So much so that it was The game called indie The Golden Steering Wheel of the Year Award. This isometric view single player game will test all our skills and patience. Mix Zelda and Dark Souls… well, another one joins Microsoft’s service.

Introducing the game to lovers of dogs and photography, Pupperazzi comes to Game Pass to make us Take our cameras and take the best pictures of dogs we find all over the world. Undoubtedly a different game that can fill the hearts of people..and pets.

Remember that in addition to all this, in a week we will have a new addition and it is only Taiko no Tatsugen: Master of the Drum. It is clear that Game Pass never ceases to surprise and take care of us by always bringing us cool gems to the service. Now with your permission I’m leaving, there are many things to play.

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