These are the best girls of winter 2023 according to the Japanese – Kudasai

popular portal anime! conducted a survey among subscription readers asking them: “Which female character did you like the most in winter 2023?and compiling the results in a recent article. This article included an introduction that wrote the following:

«It’s been two months since the start of the season Winter 2023 (January-March). This season has a wide variety of characters, including main characters, minor characters, and even some characters who only appear occasionally and manage to block out the protagonists. Many of our readers were instantly captivated by these girls, but who was the best?».

9. Lily – the spy of the class [Empate]

9. Akiko Yosano – Bungou Stray Dogs [Empate]

7. Liselotte Riefenstahl – Endo & Kobayashi Live! The latest in Tsundere Villainess Lieselotte [Empate]

7. Erna – Spy Classroom [Empate]

5. Teruko Okura – Bungou Stray Dogs [Empate]

5. Anisven Wen Palletia – The magical revolution of a princess reincarnated and a young lady of genius [Empate]

Winter - 2023

4. Fuyutsuki-san – Iceman and his cool classmate

Winter - 2023

3. Yuzuha Chiba – Tokyo Avengers

Winter - 2023

2. Nagisa Kubo – Kubo won’t let me be invisible

Winter - 2023

1. Mahiru Shiina – The angel next door spoils me

Winter - 2023

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