These are the new AI tools introduced by Google🎦

These are the new AI tools introduced by Google🎦

Google introduced its new AI tool called Bard and it competes with ChatGPT, it is a chatbot that has the ability to perform various functions belonging to the application and even many other functions.

Although the new Google tool is only available in English, Japanese and Korean, it has functions that make it different from ChatGPT, since it has the option to display itself in a superior way for those who want to create content not only through text, but also through images, among other functions.
The main features of the new Google tool are:

The ability to export your searches response directly from the Bard to Gmail or Google Docs, so it won’t be necessary to ‘copy copy’.

High-Quality Answers: Unlike Open AI which has data until 2021, Google’s AI is constantly trained by the database.

Bard also offers three options for the same answer, so when asking a question, you can use the one that suits you best.

In the same way, at their conference where they introduced Bard, the company introduced other important features related to artificial intelligence and within its own Google WorkSpace.

You can create entire slides with presentations, formulas without numbers with Google Sheets, and auto-retouch in Google Docs, among many other things.

They introduced VertexIA with three tools that can be used: MidJourney, Codey, and Chirp.

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