They capture an eruption of a black hole near Earth

The eruption of the black hole located in the centaur A. Photo: CRAR / CURTIN AND CONNOR MATHERNE LSU

The Murchison Widefield Array (MWA) telescope, located in Western Australia, I managed to photograph radio emissions, something like an energy blast, from a supermassive black hole close to Earth.

outbreak The black hole in Centaurus A It has dimensions equivalent to 16 full moons arranged in a row.

“These radio waves come from the material that is being absorbed From the supermassive black hole at the center of the galaxyDr. Benjamin McKinley, lead author of the research explained Published in Nature Astronomy.

“The waves form a disk around the black hole, and as matter separates when attracted, Powerful jets are formed on both sides“As if it was an eruption coming from the spatio-mass concentration center,” the researchers said.

To achieve this vision, The researchers combined radio observations with optical and X-ray data, allowing them to better understand the physics of these supermassive black holes.

Scientific Publisher Mar Gomez Explain that Centaurus A, is a galaxy close to Earth (12 million light-years away) in which it has a supermassive black hole. It erupted millions of years ago. When it draws energy from the falling gas, it ejects matter close to the speed of light.

The scientist explained that these radio waves come from the matter that is absorbed by the supermassive black hole, and “the waves form a disk around the hole, and as is the case for matter Tears form powerful jets on both sides of the discMost of the material was expelled into space at distances of more than one million light-years.

the International Center for Research in Radio Astronomy Confirmed that astronomers Produced the most complete picture of the radio emission of a supermassive black hole They actively feed closest to Earth in the Centaurus A galaxy.

They confirmed it We can still learn a lot from Centaurus A.In particular, because it is very close and we can see it in such detail.

What is a black hole?

According to astronomers, A limited area of ​​space in which there is a sufficiently high concentration of mass To generate a gravitational field so that no matter particle can escape.

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