They defend these 11 reasons that Hyrule Warriors: The Age of Cataclysm is better than Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Nintenderos.


Here we bring you a new and interesting collection related to one of the most prominent video games in the Nintendo Switch catalog. We are talking about Hyrule Warriors: The Age of Catastrophe.

The video that you have below shows us a list 11 reasons According to MaskedNintendoBandit, the storyline for this Nintendo Switch title is better than the one told in Zelda: Breath of the Wild. We leave you with the reasons given by the below photo of the spoiler, where information about the story is included:

  • 11. The selectors are presented in a more sophisticated and closer manner
  • 10. Voice actors are given more importance in their roles
  • 9. Enemies that have been added to the game, such as Aster
  • 8. The development of the Yiga Clan with characters like Sogg
  • 7. The soundtrack, which in this case is gaining more importance throughout the game
  • 6. Travel in time, which introduces new possibilities to the Breath of the Wild universe as it did with previous parts of the series
  • 5. Changes to the original story told in Breath of the Wild and how it is revived through events that took place 100 years ago
  • 4. Narration and how events are listed in an organized manner
  • 3. the role of King of Hyrule, a somewhat hated character in Breath of the Wild and now we can see that he’s a really good guy.
  • 2. Divine monsters and battles we can fight against them to show their strength
  • 1. Link’s role, who we see in all his glory with abilities like quickly protecting Zelda from the Guardian’s thunderbolt

And here you have the video:

what do you think? Do you agree with him? Feel free to share your opinion in the comments. If you are interested, you can also find our full coverage of the game at this link.

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