Why you should not use this security setting on WhatsApp


Cybersecurity specialist Zach Duffman has claimed that it is dangerous to export chat logs to a third-party cloud such as Google, Apple, or Telegram.

Cybersecurity specialist Zach Duffman explained This Saturday in an article for Forbes, Why is it Dangerous to Export WhatsApp Chat History to Third-Party Cloud and Advise Users Disable the backup function in the settings.

Messages on WhatsApp It is encrypted end-to-endConversations are locked with a padlock and only the sender and recipient have a private key, which is necessary to decrypt and read or listen to them. “No one else, not even WhatsApp, could do that.” States The company.

So when a user exports their conversations – which are decrypted on their devices – to Apple’s or Google’s cloud, Tech giants get the keys From that backup, which has already come out of WhatsApp end-to-end encryption.

According to the expert, the same thing happens if the user wants Transfer Record your conversations with TelegramUnlike WhatsApp and Signal, it is a cloud-based application.

Except for their “Secret Conversations” – which must be set up manually and only work between two people on their devices – All messages are stored in the platform’s cloud. This means that the chats can be accessed from several devices and if the user loses one of them, their content will be preserved.

Telegram encrypts messages between a “smartphone” or computer and its cloud, and between the cloud and user contacts, but it has the keys to this encryption, even though it has policies to secure them.

The expert also noted that the Signal messaging app is on his part, It does not provide any form of backup In the cloud, precisely because this renders end-to-end encryption useless. Meanwhile, Apple’s iMessage has the option to extend this encryption to chats saved in the cloud.

Additionally, Dufman explained The security risk with end-to-end encryption is on the device itselfWhile messages cannot be intercepted in transit, once they are received by the user and decrypted, they can be intercepted by a physical or digital attack on the device. He assured that those decrypted conversations are safely saved by a phone or computer passcode or biometric security system.

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