They filter their source code, their new app to compete with Steam and even how much their streaming devices cost


Image of the article called Hacking Twitch: They filter their source code and their new app to compete with Steam and even how much their streaming hardware costs

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An anonymous 4chan user posted a 125GB torrent file containing the source code for all of their Twitch apps, their in-house development tools, and even the financial data of streaming companies.

The user says that this information comes from 6000 internal Git repositories, and that this is only the first part of everything stolen. It includes:

  • source code with commit history since its creation
  • Twitch client source code for mobile, desktop and console
  • Several SDKs and internal AWS services used by Twitch
  • Other Twitch properties, including IGDB and CurseForge
  • Steam, a new service from Amazon Game Studios to compete with Steam, has yet to be announced
  • Twitch Network Team Tools and Security Operations Center
  • Originator payments from 2019 to date

The anonymous user described Twitch as a “disgusting sink of toxicity” and justified the hack as a way to “encourage more disruption and competition in the online video streaming space,” adding that “Jeff Bezos paid $970 million for it and we’re offering it for free.”

as VGCTwitch is aware of the leak and believes it could have been obtained this week. Although the company has not released a public statement yet. The user who posted the leak used the hashtag #DoBetterTwitch, which is used to criticize the Amazon-owned company for not doing more against hate attacks within the platform.

After the leak, Pastebin picks up and connects what he charges Twitch’s most popular streaming devices. CriticalRole, xQcOW, and Summit1g are the highest earners, with assumed revenue between $6 million and $9 million between August 2019 and October 2021. Auronplay is the first Spanish-language broadcast operator on the list. It ranks ninth with more than 3 million in revenue. They are followed by Ibai with over 2 million, and TheGrefg with over 1 million. Although these numbers don’t take into account Twitch supplemental income.

The database also contains references to Steam, a rumored Steam competitor that is Amazon Game Studios, Amazon’s video game division. Vapor will integrate a video game store within Twitch itself.

If this is only the first part of the leak, as the anonymous 4chan user says, it is possible that personal data and user credentials will come to light. You can change your Twitch password through this link.

Development: Twitch confirms hack

“We can confirm a security breach has occurred,” The company wrote on Twitter. “Our teams are working urgently to understand the scope of this. We will provide an update for community as soon as additional information becomes available. Thanks for your patience“.

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