They’ve left the Nintendo Switch OLED on for 3,600 hours to see if its screen finally burns out.

Recently, a new and interesting video has been posted regarding the new model of Nintendo Switch. We are talking in this case about Nintendo Switch OLED.

behind the 1800 hour testIn short we leave you in it below, we can take a look at an experience that consists of leaving the console turned on for more than 3600 hours To see if the screen It’s burning or break, theme somewhat controversial Before the release of this OLED model. Results? It shows a very slight indication of combustion, but the analyst confirms it Nothing to worry about:

Is this something you should worry about? Absolutely not… It took me 3600 hours to get to this point and was on this screen the whole time at full speed, it would take someone to do this in a particular game, and again this game needs a widget or something that doesn’t move on the screen, and this particular item should remain on the screen for 3600 hours, which is rare. Even if you were specifically playing Breath of the Wild… I don’t think this would be an issue at all. If you’re worried about buying a Switch OLED for this reason, don’t worry.

there he is:

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