This is what the Hubble telescope observed on your birthday


The NASA Open a portal that shows you exactly what it is Hubble telescope on your birthday.

If you are a science lover, you already have a new question, what does the space look like on your birthday. NASA has launched a portal where you enter the day and month of your birthday, and tell you that it has been observing the great telescope crossing space, Hubble, during that day.

It was on April 24, 19990 that the US space agency, the NASA, the space shuttle Discovery was launched from the Kennedy Space Center in order to carry out the STS-31 mission, and put into orbit the Hubble Space Telescope, which since its launch into space has been responsible for photographing and studying the wonders and most important sites. Space breaks.

Photo: Hubble’s view of a galactic ring / NASA

This year we celebrate 30 years since that great leap in the atmosphere that occurred as one of the world’s largest space telescopes sliced ​​through the distant channels of the universe. And since it’s the birthday of this great friend of science and space exploration, you can see what he had to do on your birthday. He was near another galaxy, taking pictures of a certain planet, admiring the vastness of the universe. You can already find out.

The telescope It has been said 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year since 1990 to explore the wonders of space and serve as a massive library of previously seen images. This means that Hubble has witnessed great events in the universe, even on your birthday.

If you want to know what Hubble was seeing on your birthday, click here, You will not regret. Share it with your friends and family, and find out what the space looked like on their birthday.

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