This theme brings the new UI and interface elements of Android 12 to your Xiaomi phone


Thanks for the app Threads We can completely change the look of Xiaomi. So much so that even We can design it with the new Android 12 interfaceUse the new tools and generally enjoy the look of the latest operating system from Google even if we don’t have it installed.

That’s thanks Android 12 Theme version, a new look compatible with MIUI 12 and MIUI 12.5, able to transform our Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO interface with the same design fonts as the new Google OS.

This is beyond incorporating lSame icons for Android 12, this theme customizes the lock screen and control center and also brings its own layout and design to the settings menu. In addition, it includes a Variety of widgets. All this without losing a certain essence of MIUI.

Likewise, with Android 12 Theme Edition, your Xiaomi phone is You will dress up your notification bar with Android 12 icons, whether those for notifications, such as battery status, coverage or the clock itself.

This theme brings the new Android 12 user interface and interface elements to Xiaomi.  Xiaomi News Addicts

To install this theme you must first Change your Xiaomi region, is recommendedIndia«. After that, it is enough to reach this link It will take you directly to the Xiaomi app or theme store (MTZ).

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