Three more Xbox Game Pass games have been leaked. Will we see them tomorrow?


We’re only two hours away from showing Xbox & Bethesda at E3 2021. However, as is usual in this type of event, a portion of the announcements planned for this conference have been leaked, which will include a major focus on game arcade. in this way, There is talk of three Bethesda titles for this platform.

Soon after the leak Yakuza: Like a dragon For Game Pass, Tom Warren, Senior Editor at The Verge Information revealing the arrival DOOM (2016), fallout 3 s Evil Within 2 for this service. Considering that tomorrow’s show will be a joint event with Xbox and Bethesda, this leak was to be expected.

Remember that the DOOM string, except for Dom (2016), is already on Game Pass so this game’s arrival was only a matter of time. Now we can only wait إلا Tomorrow’s Xbox & Bethesda Showcase for official information on these leaks.


Via: Tom Warren

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