This will be the first of the new PS Plus games

This will be the first of the new PS Plus games

the new PlayStation Plus It is one of the services that has aroused the public’s interest the most. By subscribing to the Premium mode, users will be able to access PS1, PS2, PS3 and PSP games. Although at the moment it is not known exactly what titles will be available, A new leak may indicate that a classic series will be arriving on this service.

Recently, A series of PS4 and PS5 records have been discovered on the ranking site in South Korea to siphon filter (PS1), 2 . siphon filter (PS1), Siphon filter: dark mirror (PS2 / PSP) and Siphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow (PS2 / PSP). The only titles in the series that didn’t exist 3 . siphon filter (PS1) and Siphon filter: Omega Dynasty (PS2).

Now what does this mean? Well, the first and most likely theory is that These games will be part of the first games we see on the new PS Plus next June. However, there is also an option that a Siphon Filter set is on the way, although this is less likely.

Let’s remember that The new PS Plus will first arrive in Asia at the end of MayThe initial list of classic titles for this service will certainly be revealed in the coming weeks. On related topics, We already know when the next PlayStation Plus will be available in our region.


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