This will be your profile picture and will force you to have it


Popular menu servicesAjiria glimpse The WhatsApp This has released an update for a program Digital technology will bring changes to more than 2.5 billion customers around the world who will soon see changes in the way they are presented Avatars of users.

By the number of customers with an active user account, as well as the volume of downloads for that account Request They consider it one of the most used companies worldwide, and the most important in its class.

The way each of your contacts displays the image will change when changes are released to users with the Development next one.

First it was the news portal WaBetaInfo The person who anticipates how this information will be presented, as images will appear as thumbnails in every notification on your smartphone with chats with new messages.

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These changes respond to the new WhatsApp system – a company like Instagram Belongs to dead, formerly known as Facebook social networking site– This will allow you to see profile pictures in the notifications that your mobile phone sends to you.

With every new message you receive in your one-on-one or group chats, a mini preview of your contact’s profile picture.

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The specialized portal itself warns that the messaging platform may work with some inconsistencies when you update your profile pictures in some notifications since this functionality is still in Trial stage from him Development.

That is why it is convenient to wait for the company to continue working on improving this functionality before it is officially launched, and while it is being refined, this progress will be released so that many users can test it out.

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