Three foreigners are candidates to replace the coach with the largest number of finals in the first league

Three foreigners are candidates to replace the coach with the largest number of finals in the first league

Emilio Aporto has engraved his name in the short history of Managua FC: seven of the last eight league and cup finals, won two titles and twice qualified for the CONCACAF League to advance to the round in the 2019 edition. No other coach has set similar records during that time becoming the national coach to have achieved the biggest A number of finals in football in Nicaragua, he was surpassed only by two members of the Nicaraguan Sports Hall of Fame: Mauricio Cruz and O’Neill Olivas.

The Blue Lions’ board formed a more competitive team in Apertura 2021 than in the previous tournament, but the expected results did not happen (one win, two draws and two losses) and they terminated the contract with Aburto by mutual agreement on Tuesday for The Morning. Since that same day, countless resumes of foreign coaches have arrived and the leaderboard has selected three finalists: Uruguayan Fernando Araujo, Mexican Javier Martinez and Spain’s Juan Cortes. They confirmed from the Managua office that the chosen one will be announced on Friday at the latest.

Emilio Aburto is the first coach to be expelled from Apertura 2021.

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Araujo is a well-known coach in national football because he led Real Esteli at Apertura 2018 and lost the final to Aporto. The Uruguayan went to Honduras where he achieved outstanding performances with modest teams such as Vida and Honduras Progreso. With the first, he qualified for the quintet final of Apertura 2019, finishing third out of five teams that opposed the title won by Olympia. In Clausura 2020 he was fifth out of 10 teams when the league was suspended on day 13 due to Covid-19. In Clausura 2021, suppose Honduran Progreso and Olympia eliminated him in the semifinals.

Martinez led Juventus into the opening championship of 2017 and put himself in fifth place with six wins, seven draws and five losses. He emigrated to African football where he participated in the CAF Champions League with Ugandan Vipers SC in 2019 and then went to Rayon Sports of Rwanda in 2019 where he won nine out of 15 matches played before the tournament was interrupted due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Cortes has just been fired by Isidro Mitaban of El Salvador, where he currently plays Luis Fernando Copete. The Spanish coach captured the heart of Nicaragua as he directed him to 11 Deportivo, a club where Cortes gained notoriety by saving him from relegation in the first season and taking him to the top at Clausura 2020 before the pandemic started. After the league resumed mid-2020, Alianza, one of the largest Salvadoran teams, took charge, but the council expelled him after a 1-2 loss to Aguila with nine wins, two draws and three defeats.

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