Tucuman Football League finals will be played behind closed doors – LV7

Tucuman Football League finals will be played behind closed doors – LV7

On Monday morning, the Sports Security Committee in charge of the Security Secretary, Louis Ibanezmet him Dario ZamoratiPresident of the Tucumán Football Association, to coordinate the procedures for the final stage of the tournament, which will be played without an audience and at a neutral stadium.

The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Security also participated in the meeting. Rolando Gomezchief of police operations, Raul Silva and other police authorities.

This commission, made up of the Ministry of Security and Police and the Directorate of Civil Defense at the provincial and municipal levels with the Secretary of Sports, IPLA and SIPROSA, It outlined the measures to be taken regarding security for the semi-finals and finals of the Tucumana League.

Representatives of all the organizations that are part of this committee make an assessment of the work carried out in each match of the Tucumán Football League. For this reason, we have developed a special layout to cover the last instances of the semi-finals and final,” Ibanez explained.

for this part, Jose JimenezAccording to the head of the Sports Security Division, who is responsible for the operation The matches will have a police presence in the vicinity of the stadiums. Matches The semi-finals will be played without an audience and on neutral venues. On Tuesday, September 20th, the match will be played at Central Nortebean ملعب Deportivo Graneros and Almirante Braun de Lulez. On the other hand, the other semi-final match will be played on Thursday 22nd September Sportivo Guzman and San Antonio de Ranchillos “It will be at All Boys Stadium,” he explained.

While, Security will be ensured for the movement of the teams, the refereeing list and the residents of the area of ​​the stadiums where the matches will be played.. For this purpose, 90% of special units such as the Infantry Division, GOMT, Cavalry and Dog Division will work alongside members of the Sports Security Division.

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