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Sportsmanship is vital in football, and so are values ​​such as equality and respect. Mutual assistance and justice.

However, a meeting in Uganda overshadowed these principles, with the team members allegedly beating their partner for making a mistake.

Even worse, the beating would have killed him.

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The news was reported by various media outlets, such as the “Daily Monitor” in that African country.

It said The ceremony was taking place in Lamu district, northern Uganda.

The feud against Churchill Oase, the alleged victim, would begin when he erred in playing in the defensive zone, causing the opposing team to score a goal.

Soon after, the 22-year-old was attacked by several of his comrades, who were furious, They beat him until they were forcibly removed.

Up until that point, the battle was not that great. Lamu authorities confirmed to the Daily Monitor that at the end of the meeting, Ouchi had paid one of his attackers.

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The situation sparked an even more violent quarrel that would have left Awassi unconscious.

Later, he was transferred to the Agoro III health center, located in the province where the deceased lived.

Hours later, he was pronounced dead. However, There is no clarity about the type of injuries he sustained or whether he was suffering from any previous conditions that would have affected the tragic outcome.

Two suspects have been arrested and investigations are ongoing

On the other hand, the authorities confirmed that there would be at least two alleged perpetrators. both of them They are being held in a police station in Aguro. The men were charged with the murder.

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The police added that further investigations will be conducted in this regard. Meanwhile, the two persons involved are waiting to be taken to Lamu Central Police Station.

It is also expected That in the coming weeks they will be tried in court.

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