Up to 800,000 Moroccans will benefit from the new social agreement with the United States

Up to 800,000 Moroccans will benefit from the new social agreement with the United States

Morocco’s Minister of Economy and Finance, Nadia Fettah, said on Monday that the social program of the second pact between Morocco and the United States is progressing at an “encouraging” pace. While the collaboration has been fruitful so far, Nadia Fattah stressed that the involvement of shareholders is critical to the completion of other purposes. The implementation report of the second Charter Cooperation Programme, represented by the MCA-Morocco Agency (MCA-Morocco) will be presented with the aim of ensuring the completion of projects, on time and to the highest standards. Quality standards.

Participation in the thirteenth session of the Strategic Steering Council (COS) of MCA-Morocco dedicated to the presentation of the report on the implementation of the Pact II Cooperation Program, The Minister declared that this session is of particular importance because it takes place three months before the end of the second charter. Fattah also affirmed the government’s commitment to benefit from the great achievements to enhance the sustainability of the projects of the Second Pact, whose objectives are in line with the high guidelines of King Mohammed VI, on the development of human capital and the mobilization of land in order to promote. of investment.

AFP PHOTO / HO / Royal Palace of Morocco – Morocco’s King Mohammed VI (right) presides over a council of ministers, accompanied by his son, Prince Moulay Hassan, at the Royal Palace in the capital, Rabat.

Malika Lasri, Director General of MCA-Morocco Agency, informed the members of the Council in detail about the progress made in the implementation of the second charter project since the last Council meeting, and the possible completion by March 31, 2023, Where he highlighted the excellent financial performance of the institution, as it recorded a participation rate of approximately 93% and disbursement of approximately 80%, compared to 87 and 50% compared to the previous year.

in this occasion, He expressed his satisfaction with the important achievements, especially in the field of infrastructure work, with the completion of the rehabilitation of 78 secondary schools in the regions of Tangier-Tetouan-Al Hoceima, Marrakech-Safi and Fez-Meknes, and with a progress rate of between 50 and 98% of the rehabilitation work of the region. 11 other secondary schools in the Fes-Meknes region.

For her part, the resident director of the Millennium Challenge Corporation in Morocco, Carrie Manahan, said, Celebrate the mobilization of the communities, local partners, and ministries that MCC works with to deliver projects that will benefit more than 800,000 Moroccan citizens, youth, men, and women.noting that the MCC will celebrate, at the end of March 2023, the joint achievements of the qualitative partnership with the Moroccan government within the framework of the second compact.

    Financing of the Central Bank of Morocco
photo/Reuters – Moroccan Central Bank in Rabat

Thus, Malika Lasry reviews the most important results of the various activities of the second charter. The Secondary Education event documented the expansion of the main data center of the Ministry of National Education (DEN) and the opening of a new backup data center in Marrakech; The job coverage of the “Masar” information system increased from 25 to 95% for the benefit of 5,100 educational and administrative personnel with the aim of implementing a training program to equip schools and units covered by the network with various subjects (computer science, education, robotics and sports…).

With regard to the “vocational training” activity, it emerged as the culmination of the main support work to activate the vocational training reform, These are the development of an institutional structure and organization of the SFP in relation to gender and social inclusion (GIS) and two platforms dedicated to calculating the reference and real costs of the vocational training sectors.

Americas Coordinator: Jose Antonio Sierra.

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