USA – Florida enacts a law banning transgender women from participating in girls’ school sports


Madrid, June 1 (Europe Press) –

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed into law a bill Tuesday to ban transgender women from participating and competing on girls’ school teams.

The project, which has been the subject of controversy in recent months while being debated in the state legislature, was defended by DeSantis during a public law in Jacksonville where he signed it, to ensure it is intended to protect integrity and “justice.” in women’s sports.

“In Florida, girls will play girls’ sports, and boys will play boys’ sports,” the governor added, according to the ‘Florida Times-Union’, concluding that they would be “based on biology, not ideology.”

The project faced significant opposition from NGOs and human rights groups, although before DeSantis signed on to the project, the major school sports organizations—the Florida High School Athletics Association and the National Athletics Association—already had policies regulating the participation of transgender athletes.

To defend this new legislation, its advocates cited a well-known case from Connecticut, not Florida itself, where a team of transgender girls won several sports titles. Along these lines, it is not the first country to enact a policy of this kind; Idaho, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Mississippi also have legislation that excludes transgender women from women’s sports.

Not the only provision in this draft ban, the document signed by DeSantis would also allow public colleges and universities to authorize letters and enter into contracts to run them, a measure Republicans in the legislature have pushed for several years.

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