Why did US coach Jurgen Klinsmann support Tata Martino despite the defeat to Tribe

The former US coach has given his opinion on the tricolor gift (Photo: Bundesliga)

The complex present of Mexican national team It has given a lot to talk about in the media and among some of the characters close to the tricolor context. those led Gerardo Martino They currently have two straight losses in the playoffs and have moved from the top of the octagon to third.

Regarding this, the former coach of the US national team, Jürgen Klinsmann, declared that from his point of view Bad results can be considered “normal”. But he made it clear that the Aztecs should not face too many problems to get their next World Cup ticket in Qatar 2022.

“These are some normal moments in a cup campaign. Some negative outcomes, but they are normal for a World Cup. Mexico will qualify for the World Cup‘,” Klinsmann crossed to some Mexican media.

Tata Martino is experiencing one of the most complicated moments since arriving at Tri (Photo: José Méndez/EFE)
Tata Martino is experiencing one of the most complicated moments since arriving at Tri (Photo: José Méndez/EFE)

proces Gerardo stammer Martino He has come under heavy criticism in recent months despite the fact that upon arriving at El Tri he produced impressive results and a solid performance on the pitch. Now, with a choice without much idea of ​​the game and indeed without the support of good results, His place on the Aztec bench began to be questioned.

Despite this, Klinsmann emphasized that the Argentine strategist will continue to lead the Aztec team and that his vast experience and leadership will put these challenging moments forward to take El Tri to the highest World Cup fair. “Operation is good, I like stammerI love his character and we will see him in Qatar,” the former German national team player added.

On the other hand, about the rivalry between Mexico and the United States, the current great America’s younger generation Those who shine in European football, Jürgen emphasized that players are going through one of their best moments full of confidence and happiness.

“I saw young people very happy. They became more competitive. The situation with the United States is that it is growing and growing in recent yearss. For 20-25 years the league has grown. Football has grown in the country, and the level that has grown at the professional level is exciting”, concluded the European helmsman.

Klinsmann led the US national team from 2011 to 2016 (Photo: German Bundesliga)
Klinsmann led the US national team from 2011 to 2016 (Photo: German Bundesliga)

Klinsmann appeared in the German national team as a player and as a coach. Came to the bench Toton In 2004 it strengthened the base of physical and individual technical players. After two years in charge and after ending his performance in the 2006 World Cup in Germany, it was announced his separation from the Bavarian team due to the decision not to renew his contract.

In 2006, the United States contacted the strategist to offer him the position of coach, but the disagreement between the interests of each side made it impossible for him to arrive at that time. In July 2011, with a second negotiation attempt, it was officially announced Klinsmann will lead the US team, a place it held until 2016.

In his time with the Americans Shine in one of the famous wins “2-0” From the United States over Mexico in Columbus during the CONCACAF World Cup qualifiers bound for Brazil 2014. This made him one of the many names in the historic competition against Mexico.

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