Video: NASA publishes a visualization of the Earth’s passage from the solar eclipse on June 10th



June 5, 2021 13:40 GMT

The phenomenon will have its largest appearance in North America.

NASA posted Visualize how the annular solar sclipe will appear on June 10. On that day, the Sun, Moon and Earth will align at the moment when the natural satellite approaches its zenith, that is, as far from the planet as possible in its elliptical orbit.

The black oval in the images shows the antumbra, that is, the central part of the shadow, where the silhouette of the entire moon will be surrounded by a ring of sunlight, while the red bar shows the path of that ring. For its part, concentric ovals around it indicate penumbra, or areas from which observers on Earth will be able to observe a partial eclipse.

The phenomenon will have its largest appearance in North America. In some parts of Canada, Greenland and northeastern Russia, the so-called ‘ring of fire’, or an annular solar eclipse, which will last for a maximum of 3 minutes 51 seconds.

In other parts of the planet, the phenomenon will look like a partial solar eclipse. Residents of the East Coast of the United States, from South Carolina to the northern Atlantic coast, will have The most amazing view and rare Partial solar eclipse at sunrise.

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