We explain the controversy about Shiny Pokémon and Speed ​​Ball

We explain the controversy about Shiny Pokémon and Speed ​​Ball

If you want to search Shiny Pokemon More often than not, you have probably come across a reversal video at some point in time.

With nearly 400,000 subscribers on YouTube and 92.8k followers on Twitter, this YouTuber is one of the biggest content creators in the franchise. Despite this, he recently made a comment that sparked a strong discussion within the community. Pokemon.

In this article we will explain the controversy surrounding those who use a speedball to catch it Shiny Pokemon.

What happened to reverse YouTube?

Since issuance Pokemon scarlet and purple;Reversal Channel has dedicated itself to capturing all kinds of Shiny Pokemon. Short videos usually show us how it selects a file Pokemon at random and does not rest until he finds the brilliant alternative.

His videos are usually well received and get support from his fans; Although there are always some criticisms. The controversy started this time when Riversal shared on Twitter a caption capture on one of his videos, whose opinion sparked a conversation in the community.

“Speedball is shiny…my heart hurts,” the caption read. Reflex added to the catch: “Why is the ball that people use to catch important Shiny Pokemon? I am very confused. I only use a speedball because it’s… fast. “

His opinion was quite clear, but he probably didn’t expect that so many instructors would have different opinions. His tweet reached 162,000 views with players commenting for or against speedball or commenting on it Shiny Pokemon They weren’t interested.

Reversal after a few days Post another tweet Claiming to grab Greninja with a speedball, the conversation flared up again. Here we will summarize the points.

Speedball has been criticized as a tool for shooting Shiny Pokemon

Yasir Shiny Pokemon It has become a major feature of the series.

Although it was more complicated before, today there are many tools that can help us complete the task. in Pokemon scarlet and purple; There is even a snack that makes it more likely to be found Shiny Pokemon.

However, capturing it with a Speedball is seen as “low class” by some players who dislike the Poké Ball’s design. They claim that the shinny variant deserves a better ball than the “easy” ball, adding that the fastball takes a lot of the fun out of the catch.

According to some gamers, the most impressive thing is your possession Shiny Pokemon In a standard white and red poké ball, in homage to the anime. With a standard ball, the chances of being caught are not increased, so the challenge is the same for everyone.

On the other hand, Speed ​​Ball increases catch rate by 5 if used at the beginning of a fight. Hardcore gamers see it as shorthand, anticlimactic, and ugly in design. For this, other coaches advocated that the important thing is to catch Shiny PokemonAnd everyone does it as they like.

Shiny pokemon ball fast

Some players think Shiny doesn’t contribute anything Pokemon

Toys Pokemon They are rich in activities. Players can surf the seas, gamble in casinos, and explore lots of interesting terrains.

However, when we think about Pokemon The first two things that come to mind are hunting and fighting Pokemon. Some even enjoy this series for the exciting stories about the fight against the bad guys in the world.

Many players have argued that these are foundations Pokemon, and that searching for shiny variants can distract you from the “real” core of the series. They added that this is a repetitive activity that can be addictive without actually giving you a good experience.

Competitive fans did not fail to point out that Shiny Pokemon They do not add anything to the battles, as they only have an aesthetic change. Instead, they suggested that coaches focus on looking up Pokemon With the best stats and genetics.

Shiny pokemon ball fast

Society is divided between contradictory and conciliatory opinions

The discussion is about using speedballs to catch Shiny Pokemon It spread on Twitter With thousands of comments, and even hit Discord and Youtube.

Many players started sharing their clues Shiny Pokemon Captured with a Veloz reel meant for the “haters”. Other coaches responded enthusiastically to the tweets, and not always politely.

But among all this ambivalent criticism, many gamers believe that the subject matters too much. No one should be shy about using any Poké Ball available in the game, or enjoying any available mechanic at their discretion.

as well PokemonFans of the series are very diverse. There are those who play to disconnect for a while in peace, and others who create challenges to increase the difficulty. This goes to show just how wide the range of games in this successful franchise is.

As for Riversal, it appears that the controversy has only served to increase his view count, with his most recent videos doubling in a matter of hours.

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