“We look bad,” Rodolfo Pizarro spoke of his departure from Chivas in 2018

Fans have speculated that Rodolfo Pizarro may be returning to Chivas (Photo: Instaghram @rpizarrot)

Rudolf Pizarro He was one of the key footballers of the team led by Matthias Almeida He will win his twelfth league title in Clausura 2017. His presence on the pitch demonstrated leadership, versatility and guaranteed goals, so And the fans’ trust in him as a player will become even more important in the club’s history. However, in the midst of the controversy, in June 2018 his departure to Rayados de Monterrey was confirmed, after nearly four years. break the silence.

With his return to Liga MX, after living two seasons with Inter Miami of Major League Soccer (MLS), The midfielder took the opportunity to clarify doubts about his departure from the herd. During an interview with the media TUDNCalculate the differences Tried with Jose Luis Higuera, an official of Verde Valle left the general management of the institution in 2019.

“If I have to say things to someone that doesn’t seem fair to me or something they promised me, I’ll do it. That’s my philosophy, go straight ahead.” So maybe and yes, we looked bad, maybe, I don’t know. With Higuera there were many (discussions) but he’s not there anymore. According to me, I don’t have any problem with someone from there (Chivas),” he said hours after being presented as a reinforcement for Ríados de Monterrey.

Jose Luis Higuera could have been decisive for Pizarro's departure from the Rujiblanca Foundation (Photo: Fernando García Carranza García/Coratoscoro)
Jose Luis Higuera could have been decisive for Pizarro’s departure from the Rujiblanca Foundation (Photo: Fernando García Carranza García/Coratoscoro)

And after receiving the title, problems outside the field began to flood the corridors of the institution. This situation was noted in the radical sporting change of the flock from one tournament to another, as well as in the dissatisfaction of Matthias Almeida. In the case of Bizarro, one of the situations that cemented his feud with Higuera was Non-payment of rewards for achievements in the tournament. He even sensed the claim hierarchy on behalf of the team.

“I think at that time Yes, he was one of the main people who presided over that. Not because he was annoying, but because he couldn’t do it. He was one of the main leaders in the teamFrom a football perspective, I was also one of the few who could fight for it. From those who can ask and forI’ve never been a player who hides behind anything. I’m going forward.”

After a short stint in Monterrey, Pizarro chose to try his luck in American football. while it happened, Sports condition worsened So that reaching the league became one of the main goals to be achieved in each semester. Guidance has undergone profound transformations with the arrival of Amauri Vergara and Ricardo Pelaez To save the sports project, although the results were not as expected.

Rodolfo Pizarro will test his second stage with Rayados de Monterrey (Twitter / @Rayados)
Rodolfo Pizarro will test his second stage with Rayados de Monterrey (Twitter / @Rayados)

Amid the desperation and urgent need to stabilize Flock’s position, combined with Pizarro’s interest in changing teams after his time in the MLS, Rumors about the possible return of the national team to Guadalajara are starting to gain steam. Several experts even recommended his signature to raise the profile of the establishment, despite Rayados winning the game in the end.

The Monterrey Council had a lot to do with itThe truth has always shown that desire that I was here and I think everyone always wants to be where the people in the back want you to be. From a moment ago they were always very serious despite the fact that I’ve done things wrong in the past. They were always there. I came here very happy, I came to play as another fan to give myself and put more stars on this shirt,” he announced.

Thus, Pizarro will seek to overcome the bad moment he experienced in the United States. With an eye to giving his best with Rayados, His goal will also be to be one of the undisputed players in the Qatar 2022 World Cup with Mexico.

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