What is the science of football, one of the disciplines that dreams of being in the Los Angeles 2028 Olympics

What is the science of football, one of the disciplines that dreams of being in the Los Angeles 2028 Olympics
Flag football opens up the possibility of women’s teams and even mixed categories (Photo: World Games 2022)

update idea Olympic Games Slowly adding new specialties is a reality. Within the list of possibilities that dream of being part of the catalog of said event, the football flag It appears as an amazing and creative alternative. Derived from the famous American football that year after year crowning a new NFL champion EnergyAnd the This variant seeks to remove the strong physical connection without breaking the essence that has given so many results in the United States..

American football was last played at the Olympics in 1932. It was then just a show sport, played by two teams of American college students in a variety group. company “Vision28” He wants to bring back the sport for 2028 in Los Angeles, But in a revolutionary way.

The most important thing to know is that Contact between players is not allowedAnd the Therefore, the opponent cannot be repelled or interfered with. Thus, each of the participants has a regulating belt with Two hanging straps: By removing one of them from the ball holder, the assembly will be considered finished. As in traditional American football, each restart of the game is previewed by gathering The team meeting in a closed circle to decide on the action plan.

Flag Football, the sport that dreams of being in the Olympics

The landing system is the same: up to four chances to restart the count inward for the opponent. Another modification is that touchWhen the ball is forced to fall and the defense has a chance to regain control, There are no to dodge turbulence on the ground when you pick it up. On the other hand, interceptions are allowed and have the same effect as in traditional American football. Target? Go to the other end of the field to score a touchdown and add six points to the team with one or two more possibilities depending on whether you decide to kick the sticks or try a new game.

There are currently several approaches to the new variant. In the United States, players usually wear 3 flags on their belts: one on each side of the waist and one behind them. In Europe, South America and in international competitions, there are only two flags on the sides and they are played 5 against 5. One of the strengths of the discipline is that it Mixed teams allowed in any competition. In the men’s league, women can play, and in parallel, there is a women’s only league, which opens up new possibilities and variants. The advantage of not wearing as many protective layers as possible by avoiding constant physical contact speeds up the game and improves individual performance.

Bart LacarinoThe former American football player and current CEO of the Barcelona Dragons League held in Spain, stopped by to give details of the positive aspects of this new sport. “Every physicist has his own position and his job, and that’s the power of football science, it doesn’t discriminate. The best thing is that you don’t need a large number of people to make a team. The best example of this is the 2019 Champions Bowl champion, which was a Danish team of only 6 players,” he explained in a conversation with the media. Cambrils Garden.

Denmark is one of the superpowers in sponsoring football although it did not perform well at the World Games (Photo: World Games 2022)
Denmark is one of the superpowers in sponsoring football although it did not perform well at the World Games (Photo: World Games 2022)

In addition, he made it clear that the United States would not be the only candidate for a gold medal if it entered the Olympics: “The world power today is Denmark. The best I’ve seen lately. They are very athletic people, they take great care of themselves, and because of the weather, they lock themselves in the wings and gyms a lot for training. In addition, they are the ones who work better than the norm.”

“Science is one of the fastest growing sports in the world for a reason. It’s fast, it’s creative, it’s skillful, it’s fun. It’s America’s sport with the California spirit.”Explaining why he believes football will be a perfect fit for the 2028 Los Angeles Olympic Games, said Pierre Trochet, president of FIFA, explaining why it would be a great choice, The embodiment of the vision of the new age games in the interrelationship of sports and entertainment. We’ve seen his full potential here at this year’s World Games.”

Ultimately, the final decision on inclusion of the sport rests with the International Olympic Committee. However, it is difficult to see local organizers missing out on the opportunity to play one of the most popular sports in the country, Backed by one of the strongest professional leagues in the world like the NFLat the Olympic Games.

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