What’s next in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate after Sora?


After many rumors and requests, the last show of Super Smash Bros. Game Ultimate finally stressed to Sora As the twelfth and final DLC character for this title. But what can we expect from the game once this fighter finally gets our hands on it? King Masahiro Sakurai I have talked about it.

according to Sakurai LLC His last column in the magazine Famitsudevelopment cycle Smash Ultimate It’s now coming to an end, and as a result, both the CEO and the rest of his team are starting to have more free time. However, do not think that all this time will be spent on rest, because it is likely that the next project of the study will be under discussion.

Regarding SmashingAnd Sakurai He says that only PR and management events remain, plus of course all the balance adjustments that the game will receive with arrival Sora. But apart from this, don’t expect big additions or novelties as has been happening over the past few years.

Sakurai He says he would love the opportunity to travel JapanBut due to the restrictions of the Coronavirus, as well as the enormous commitment to your cat, fukuraHe does not know if he will be able to carry out his plans.


Editor’s note: It’s definitely sad to say goodbye Smash Ultimate, And you will definitely miss the personal introductions of Sakurai. But at the same time, it’s impossible not to be excited because this talented team is already working on something else.

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