WhatsApp, a new function to delete and correct statuses


one of the platforms instant message The most important one that millions of people use every day to stay connected, is The WhatsApp. Functions and tools of this Application They are many and varied.

Among the many benefits it has is that this app is constantly updated, giving users the ability to try out new features. This time, we’re telling you a new one where it works, so take note.

WhatsApp, a new function for deleting and correcting statuses. Photo: Reforma

What’s new in WhatsApp

This is a new function that allows you to delete status updates (stories) as soon as they are posted. This way, if there is an error or if you want to make a correction, no one or almost no one will be able to see it.

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According to WABetaInfo, this is an update available only to beta users of the iOS messaging service, to be more specific, those who have update in their apps.

In case you haven’t seen this feature yet, it’s only a matter of time before you can enjoy it. This new tool will work as follows: a notification will appear after the status update is published, which says ‘Status Sent’ and has blue letters that say ‘Undo’.

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If you click this shortcut, what you just posted will be deleted automatically, which is more practical because you had to follow more steps to achieve it before, so you will save time now.

Finally, if you are an iOS user but still do not have this functionality, just wait a few days for it to be updated, and it is not necessary to install third-party apps that put your data at risk.

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