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Continues to bring news to those who use the entire app. Currently, the messaging platform has launched self-destructing photos and videos once seen only once by your friends, family, partner, and co-workers, among others.

But not only this. It also introduces a new tool that allows you to adjust the speed of audio notes up to twice the normal rate, in order to save time and thus you can respond faster.

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In the application there is also a series of curiosities and one of them is emoji. Emojis, which currently number over 500, have different shapes and characteristics.

Each has a different meaning that can be obvious, but there are others that really need an explanation. Do you know what are the emojis for the face with open hands ? Well, here we tell you.

What does facial expression with open hands mean on WhatsApp

Many mentioned that it does not look like what it describes . Well, the website mentioned above indicates that this symbol for a face with open hands means nothing more and nothing less than a hug.

It can be used to offer appreciation and support, to show love and care, or to express warm and positive feelings in general.

Do you really know the meaning of face emoji with open hands? Here we tell you. (Photo: mag)

Because of the hand gesture, it is often used to represent jazz hands, indicating feelings such as excitement, enthusiasm, a sense of prosperity, or accomplishment.

hugging face, as it is known in English on WhatsApp, is approved as part of In 2015 and in addition to in 2015.

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