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It is still one of the best apps for you to be able to communicate with anyone. With it, you can not only chat, but also make calls, video calls, and even share the emojis and stickers you want.

However, sometimes WhatsApp does not offer many features, such as the ability to hide the popular “writing” or “online”, which is the reason for most of the downloads . How can I get the latest APK version on my Android phone? tell you.

Look: WhatsApp changes its name: that’s what it’s called now

Download FREE WHATSAPP GB PRO APP on your cell phone

  • The first thing you should do is to uninstall WhatsApp
  • Remember that you should always back up your conversations.
  • Now just enter this To download WhatsApp GB Pro.
  • Once you have the APK file, just install it. Don’t forget to give permissions to your station so you can install third party apps.
This way you can download WhatsApp GB Pro on your Android smartphone. (Photo: WhatsApp)
  • You must enter your cell phone number and verification code.
  • At that moment you just have to wait for the application to load.
  • When the whole process is finished, you will start using WhatsApp GB Pro on your Android cell phone.
  • Always remember to update it to avoid possible ban by normal WhatsApp.


  • The “Undo Deleted Message” feature will be enabled automatically when you download WhatsApp Beta.
  • First, enter the Android Google Play Store and search for the app The WhatsApp.
  • Click on the first app that appears and scroll down.
  • Find and click on the “Beta Tester” option. If you don’t see it, access this to go straight.
  • Now, click on the Be Verified button.
  • Accept the terms and you will have to wait a bit to start downloading WhatsApp Beta.

How to create shortcuts for words or phrases in WhatsApp

  • First, install Google Keyboard”gboardAnd make sure it is available by default on your cell phone.
  • If you already have it, check if there is no pending update. To download it quickly click .
  • Now, open the app and access the “Dictionary” section.
  • The next step is to click on the option labeled “Personal Dictionary” > “Spanish (USA).
  • Here you will click on the plus icon (+) located in the upper right corner.

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