WhatsApp | How to activate the “hidden camera” of the application | Hoax 2023 | hidden menu | nnda | nnni | Play DEPOR

WhatsApp |  How to activate the “hidden camera” of the application |  Hoax 2023 |  hidden menu |  nnda |  nnni |  Play DEPOR

The WhatsApp It adds new features in its messaging app. For example, now it is possible to hide the “Internet”, create our avatar and even make calls or video calls with about 32 people.

But there is more: one of them is a simple trick that few have realized, it is a curiosity. Do you know how to activate the hidden camera inside On your Android phone or iPhone? Well, here we tell you.

Remember that it is not necessary to install third party apps or anything like that that tends to break the privacy of your conversations.

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How to activate the hidden camera in WhatsApp

  • In the case of Android devices, a secret menu will appear.
  • In that we can not only appreciate the function of sharing, application information or deletion.
  • But also the name of the last 4 people we spoke with.
  • This way we can quickly start a conversation with that user.
  • However, there is something very interesting about iPhones.
  • If we press the WhatsApp icon in the Apple terminals, another menu will appear.
  • There we can not just our QR code, start a new conversation or search for a conversation.
  • We also have the option to “Modify Home Screen”, “Share App” or “Delete App”.
  • But the most interesting is the “hidden camera”.
  • If we press it automatically, we can send a photo we took to our friends or post it to our states
  • Now that you know that, then try it, it will look interesting to you.
This is the menu that is displayed when you press the WhatsApp icon for a few seconds on your Android phone. (Photo: Mag – Rommel Yubanki)

What do I do if WhatsApp has blocked my WhatsApp Plus account?

  • The first thing that will appear when WhatsApp bans your WhatsApp Plus account is a tick.
  • This counter usually sets a fixed time.
  • Most of it is 24 hours, which is when you won’t be able to use WhatsApp for anything in the world.
  • You also won’t be able to receive or make a backup.
  • The best thing that you can do to fix the problem is to uninstall WhatsApp Plus.
  • At that moment, you have to download the regular WhatsApp from Google Play.
  • Once this is done, try to go to Settings, Apps, WhatsApp, and delete the cache.
  • Now log in again with WhatsApp and you will see that you can now log in to chat with all your friends.
  • If the counter continues, it is best to wait for that time.
  • Remember that it is better to use regular WhatsApp, because if the Meta app again detects that you are using WhatsApp Plus, it will be able to delete your number for life.

Download WhatsApp Plus APK anti-ban: Latest Version 2023

  • The first thing you should do, in case you get banned, is completely uninstall WhatsApp Plus.
  • If a counter appears, it is best to wait for it to end.
  • In doing so, you will need to download this version of the anti-ban WhatsApp Plus.
  • For this we leave you From the latest APK version as of March 2023.
  • When you get it, grant the corresponding permissions to WhatsApp Plus so that it can be installed.
  • Once everything is done, you will be able to use the anti-ban version of WhatsApp Plus.

Why doesn’t your WhatsApp contact show “Online” or “Typing…”?

  • There are only three possible reasons why the features we mentioned above may not appear when you receive a reply to a message.
  • The first, when they perform the trick of activating Airplane Mode > then answer a message The WhatsApp > Close the application using the Home or Start button > Proceed to deactivate the mode > This will cause the connection to not appear Connected and Typing….
  • Second, when downloaded Whatsapp beta, the beta program for the app where they can use the new features before anyone else. In Android Beta, it’s possible to hide “Online” for “Everyone”, but “Write…” is not yet possible.
  • Third and finally, when they hide these words with the help of an “unofficial” version of WhatsApp, such as WhatsApp Plus, GB, Fouad, etc., the APK files are changed with more features than the stable version.

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