WhatsApp, how to choose who sees the last contact and profile

WhatsApp, how to choose who sees the last contact and profile

The WhatsApp It is one of the platforms instant message This is constantly going on Update To offer better functionality to its users, who are communicating daily through messages, photos, videos, video calls, voice notes, etc.

The Privacy settings It is one of the things that the platform focuses more on, through which users can decide who can see Last contact time, profile picture, or general information. Until now, users could choose to show this information to everyone, only their contacts, or no one.

WhatsApp, how to choose who sees the last contact and profile. Photo: fix

How to hide yourself from certain contacts

The good news is that after the latest WhatsApp update, users can now select which contacts can see their profile picture, personal information, and most importantly, their last contact.

WhatsApp version, currently available only through the Google Play Beta Program, allows you to find an option to configure privacy, for example: “My contacts, except …”.

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This way, users will have more control over what personal information others can see about them. You can now manually hide yourself from people you don’t want to know when you were last online or seen your profile picture.

If you have version (APK), you must follow these steps to activate it:

  • Go to the menu
  • Find Settings
  • Select an account
  • Go to Privacy so you can exclude contacts you don’t want to see last time, profile picture, and info.

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You just have to keep in mind that this functionality is only available for WhatsApp Beta users at the moment, but it will take a short time before everyone gets the “My contacts, except…” option

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