WhatsApp now lets you hide ‘last contact’ for specific contacts

WhatsApp now lets you hide ‘last contact’ for specific contacts

this week, The WhatsApp It started implementing emoji reactions and it looks like the instant messaging app might consider using another feature that users are requesting. users.

WhatsApp lets you decide who sees your ‘last seen’ status

With the latest beta version of your app iOS, The WhatsApp Added an option that lets users restrict specific people from seeing their “last seen” status, according to the leak site WhatsApp, WA Beta Info.

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If you are not familiar with this part of The WhatsAppis the function that indicates the last time someone checked the app, and is a way to know if someone has seen your message, even if they have disabled double checking for blue popcorn.

It should be noted that for some time now, The WhatsApp It allows you to specify who sees your status with options such as only your contacts.

You can also disable the feature completely, but you don’t have the ability to prevent specific people from seeing this information.

“My contacts except…”

However, the trial version is from what’s up add new option”My contacts except…” In the last seen section of the app’s privacy settings.

according to WABetaInfo Adding someone to that list also prevents them from seeing your status.

The mediator says so The WhatsApp It also implements more granular privacy controls for both profile pictures and sections.

Since the feature is now in beta testing on both Android and iOS, it likely won’t be long until it’s officially available on WhatsApp.

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