WhatsApp responds to the request in networks and provides a long-awaited functionality

WhatsApp responds to the request in networks and provides a long-awaited functionality
  • WhatsApp is the world’s most popular global messaging app with nearly two billion monthly active users.
  • Meta messaging service has surpassed WeChat with 1.2 billion users and Facebook Messenger with 988 million global users.
  • The number of unique users of WhatsApp worldwide has increased by 22% from the beginning of 2020 to the beginning of 2022 and is expected to reach 2.26 billion unique users by July of this year.

In May, Meta, led by Mark Zuckerberg, announced that it had made an important change to the WhatsApp interface: reactions to messages arrived.

From that same day, the messaging service update already had a new tool available that allows you to reply with emojis to any message from other contacts in personal or group delivery.

But there were only six emojis and people on social media started complaining.

Is there more than 3,600 emojis, so why are only six enabled? Only 0.16% of the available potential?

WhatsApp has heard the message on the networks and seems to accept criticism: everything indicates that it will allow users to choose the emoji they want to interact with among all the options offered by the system.

the last whatsapp trial versionon both iOS and Android, You already have the reaction with the emoji you like best.

According to what was published on Thursday, June 30th WaBetaInfothe well-known portal that regularly filters WhatsApp projects and new ideas, the change will be almost instantaneous.

WaBetaInfo has discovered that WhatsApp Beta version 2.22.156 (for Android) and WhatsApp Beta version 22.14.071 (for iOS) already have the option to reply to individual and group messages with any of the emojis available in the WhatsApp view enabled. keyboard.

The way it works is simple (it must be said great success for whatsapp): you just have to click on the message you receive which you want to reply to, then click on the “+” icon and the icons will appear on the side.

in Androidthe keyboard opens automatically to choose any of the emoji alternatives.

in iOSEmojis are listed in the navigable section.

The new function allows you to reply to WhatsApp messages with any emoji

Once you open the WhatsApp version to everyone, You can reply to messages without limits.

One detail is unclear: can the six emojis that appear by default be modified or does WhatsApp “recognize” the emojis most used by each user and display them first in the list?

According to WaBetaInfo, in the next few days, the beta version will give way to the latest version and the unlimited and stable reaction will reach all users of the app.

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