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It has become an essential messaging tool because it keeps you connected at all times and from anywhere in the world, so this time we are going to show you an amazing trick that allows you to create direct access to the aforementioned app in the panel or notification menu, do you want to know how to do it? We will explain this in detail below. Take note.

It is important to always have it on hand As we are talking about the messaging platform with more than 5 billion users worldwide, this exorbitant number is on the rise and all your friends or family are likely to use it too.

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The notification panel is used for many things, among the main things: activate Wi-Fi, location, read messages or emails you receive, etc., but did you know that you can also create direct access to The WhatsApp In the Android dropdown? It may come in handy when you want to quickly access the app to chat with all your contacts.

How to add WhatsAPP in notification panel

  • First, access Google Play for Android and download the app called “Tile Shortcuts”, to get it quickly click .
  • Now, enter the application and press the cross button circled in red, which is located at the bottom.
  • You will get several options, click on the “Application” section.
  • All applications that you have installed on your cell phone will open, choose The WhatsApp And you can automatically select an icon model. We recommend one similar to the one in the notification panel.
  • With the Advanced Editing tool, you’ll modify the “icon outline thickness”, “icon outline amount” and “icon size” to make it look much better.
  • Click the check mark below to save changes.
  • Pull down the notification panel and swipe right until you find the cross symbol, tap on it and the “Available Buttons” will open.
  • Find the “Shortcut 1” option, tap on it and drag it to the notification panel.
  • Finally, click on Done and you will have already created the WhatsApp shortcut in this place.

How do you know if WhatsApp has been dropped in real time

  • Send a message via The WhatsApp And if you stay with the clock icon, make sure the internet is covered.
  • In the event that everything works and your message is not sent, do the following.
  • Enter the following meta site, .
  • Here you will see if Facebook for Business and all its functions are working normally or not.
  • Below you will see the indicator The WhatsApp.
  • It should be noted that instead of the green check I saw a red icon, it may be that one of the servers is down.

Do you have a problem with The WhatsApp? Do you need to report it? If you have any kind of problem, write to their contact email: [email protected] or [email protected]. You can also place the same order from your iPhone through the iOS exclusive service.

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