WhatsApp Web, the functions that are not available in the mobile version


If you are one of the people they communicate with every day WhatsApp Web To solve work, school or personal problems, you must know all the advantages that this provides instant messaging platform.

On this occasion, we tell you the things that you can do on WhatsApp Web and not on WhatsApp for the mobile version, so note that the next time you have to decide which one to use, it will be easier.

WhatsApp Web, what can’t be done about WhatsApp. Photo: Pixabay

Differences between WhatsApp and WhatsApp Web

Job The WhatsApp WhatsApp Web
send messages Yes Yes
Send photos Yes Yes
Add photo filters Yes No
Add comments to photos Yes Yes
Send multiple photos at once Yes Yes
Send pictures with the camera Yes Yes
Send videos Yes Yes
Share documents Yes Yes
Sharing contacts Yes Yes
Share location Yes No
audio sharing Yes No
Send emoji Yes Yes
Send GIFS Yes Yes
Send stickers Yes Yes
Send voice messages Yes Yes
Voice calls Yes No
video calls Yes No
View cases Yes Yes
Create countries Yes No
Searches for conversation and contact Yes Yes
Search within a conversation Yes Yes
Edit your profile Yes Yes
empty conversation Yes Yes
Set conversation Yes Yes
Archive conversations Yes Yes
silent conversation Yes Yes
Mark as unread Yes Yes
Set privacy Yes No
Security Configuration Yes No
Set change number Yes No
Configure notifications Yes Yes
set wallpapers Yes Yes
Prohibited configuration Yes Yes
Configure automatic download Yes No
Check data usage Yes No
add a contact Yes No
Create a group Yes Yes
Create broadcast Yes No

As you can see, WhatsApp Web has almost the same functions as the mobile version, so you can do most things, like send photos, messages, documents, videos and contacts, among other things.

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Just in the sharing functions there are some things you can’t do like location or audio, but when it comes to audio you can apply a little trick and send it as a document, you just have to attach it.

From now on, the rest of the options are available for both versions, such as using emojis, GIFs, and stickers, and the same happens with searches within a conversation, you can do it either way.

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Perhaps one noticeable difference is that WhatsApp Web does not allow audio or video calls and that the account configuration options are also limited.

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