get ready! Xbox will reveal the Halo Infinite campaign in a few hours


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Doubts about its development process and all the creators who supported 343 Industries in the creation have dispelled infinite aura They’re close to hitting the target because the franchise’s new game is ready to debut and with multiplayer to the test it’s our turn to learn the details of its campaign mode and the story that surrounds it. Master again head.

Xbox has it all ready to offer Campaign Mode infinite aura

Surprisingly, Xbox has made an inviting hype over it Official YouTube channel To view Campaign mode details infinite aura. Yes, what so many fans have been screaming for is yet to come true, little has emerged about the date of this new release, and the rumors that we are close to revealing it are finally proven true.

According to the official Xbox channel on YouTube, the presentation of the Campaign mode infinite aura It takes place at 8:00 AM (Mexico City time), so we’re just a few hours away from seeing Master Chief in action and the context that will surround his new adventure.

Halo Infinite and its campaign mode revealed

There is no doubt that this reveal is part of the big campaign that Xbox has planned for the end of 2021 which is The next few weeks will see the arrival of 4 of their exclusive offers that will be available on Xbox Game Pass: Age of Empires IVAnd Forza Horizon 5And Microsoft Flight Simulator: Game of the Year Edition The most significant brand appearance of the year, infinite aura.

So, if you are a fan of Hello Remember you have an appointment tomorrow for a story infinite aura And remember, we’ll have full coverage here.

infinite aura It debuts December 8 on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S and PC. employment this link You will find all relevant information.

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