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It is an application through which you can send messages and all kinds of multimedia files such as: photos, videos, audios, documents, stickers and emojis, the latter is so popular that it even made a movie in reference to it and even has its own world today which is celebrated on June 17th every year. One of the most popular emojis is that of a person who shrugs their shoulders. Do you use it? Then you know its true meaning.

many users They believed that with the arrival of stickers in 2018, the classic emoji accompanying the aforementioned messaging platform would be forgotten, however, every time the Facebook app is updated it includes so much more and so far is really important. 3 thousand icons.

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. emoji The WhatsApp It is divided into the following categories: feelings and people, animals and nature, foods and drinks, activities, trips and places, objects, icons, flags, in the first section is the icon of a person shrugging his shoulders, which is one of the most popular icons. Only in the above mentioned app but in other apps like Facebook and Twitter.

What does that mean

The icon of a person shrugging with a confused face appears, sometimes with arms raised and hands flat depending on the social network or mobile operating system. In addition to, The WhatsApp It gives you the option to change skin tone, the ability to choose between light, medium-light, medium-dark and dark skin tone.

what does it mean? This emoji, implemented in 2016, is usually used to express a lack of knowledge about a particular topic or issue, as well as to express disinterest due to the outcome of a situation, according to the web portal. .

He is also known by these names

– I shrugged.

– The person shrugged his shoulders.

– Shrougi.


Icon design varies depending on the operating system, mobile device or social network (Photo: Emojipedia)

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What is WhatsApp?

The WhatsApp It is a free application that offers messages and calls in a simple, secure and reliable way, available on phones all over the world. According to data from the beginning of 2020, WhatsApp is the leader in instant messaging in most parts of the world; It has more than 2 billion users, surpassing other apps like Facebook Messenger or Telegram.

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